Bolivia con 10 hombres y jugando a media caña, le ganó 1-0 a Perú.

Agencia Peruana de Noticias PRENSAPERU.PE Twitter: @prensaperupe La selección Inca cayó por la mínima diferencia, 1 a 0 ante la once altiplánica, que se puso en ventaja con diez jugadores (fue expulsado Henry Vaca) con un tanto de Ramiro Vaca en el minuto 37 de la etapa complementaria, en un encuentro que se disputó en el mítico estadio Hernando Siles Reyes a 3.600 metros de altitud en La Paz Bolivia.

Fuente: Agencia Peruana de Noticias PRENSAPERU.PE Twitter: @prensaperupe

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Heading to Qatar 2022, Peru and Bolivia are measured today in La Paz Bolivia, at 3.00 p.m. Lima time.

Peruvian News Agency PRENSAPERU.PE Twitter: @prensaperupe Heading for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the soccer teams of Peru and Bolivia will be measured today at the Hernando Siles Reye stadium in La Paz Bolivia, at 3.00 pm, Lima time, 4.00 pm, Bolivia time.

The Bolivian team has lost only once at home to Peru on the eight occasions they have met in the South American Qualifiers, the Altiplano team beat five times, two draws and one defeat respectively.

The Hernando Siles Stadium, which was inaugurated in 1930 (it is located at 3,577 meters), remodeled and totally modernized in 1977, is undoubtedly the emblematic playing field of Bolivia.

The Hernando Siles Reyes Stadium is a multipurpose stadium and the largest capacity in the country, with a capacity of 41,143 spectators, this stadium is named in honor of Hernando Siles Reyes, who was the thirty-first president of Bolivia, from 1926 to 1930. .

The Hernando Siles Reyes is located in the residential neighborhood of Miraflores, at an altitude of 3,581 meters above sea level, making it one of the highest professional stadiums in the world, inaugurated in 1930.

Source: Peruvian News Agency PRENSAPERU.PE Twitter: @prensaperupe

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